Stop Sydney's War On Trees (SSWOT)

Liberal councils across Sydney have been strengthening their Tree Protection rules in the wake of the dramatic decline in the tree canopy across the Sydney Basin. As the urban heat island expands, the State Government has set a target of a 40% increase in the tree canopy.

In a retrograde step back to the 1960's open slather mentality one Council, Hills Shire Council, is bucking the trend and is set to become the chainsaw capital of Sydney. Residents will hear the screech of chainsaws instead of birdsong every morning.

Hills Council's new rules which target the largest and oldest trees in the Shire would enable any tree 15 metres or above which is within so-called 'strike' distance of a house or ancillary structure to be removed "EVEN IF IT IS HEALTHY" if a resident feels 'concerned' about a tree.

Any rational person would rely on the professional advice of an arborist not the unfounded 'concern' of a resident. Arborists use the SULE International Standard (Safe and Useful Life Expectancy) to determine risk not their feelings.

Otherwise this could be open to abuse for reasons other than safety...such as DEVELOPMENT.

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Hills Shire Council must catch up to the 21st century